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What areas can you fish in the tournament, by that I mean can you fish anywhere (i.e.from or.inlet to ha. inlet) or are there assinged spots:fishing:
No "assigned spots".... Anywhere from Cocina "msp" to Hatteras Inlet.. That means you can fish all of Hatteras Island and OI,with the exception of the inlets themselves and Buxton Point..I think it is one quarter mile that you can fish from those areas... I never fish that close to the inlets to be worried about it...

Teo,Jody made Tater and I late entrys this yr....

Thanks for the luck,Al,Tater and I will need all we can muster... H&ll don't even care if'n I catch a striper,would rather catch another drum in it,just want to win a drawing........ :D

Good ta seeya in the tourney Clay... :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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