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Some Freinds and I ate dinner at Scotch Bonnett a week before Bertha hit it.. Back then if you brought in your fillets of the fish you caught they'd fry them and provide iced tea, french fries and slaw for $3 bucks a head. Seems that many are forgetting Saltys pier that is where SeaView is now. What Bertha didn't totally destroy in the summer of 1996. I remember the first time I fished there in 1977 ..
During Fran The Jolly Roger had the ed torn off and lost the bait tank. Man that was a great bait tank too..Surf city pier lost their end as well.

If there was ever a "Pier Legend" It was Angelo Depaola "Deep" I spent many days fishing with him beginning in the 80s. Glad to call him my friend.... His wife Janie was a blast... They are truly missed.
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