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Topsail Sand Fleas

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Hey Guys can anyone give me an update on the sand flea situation down at Topsail? Last year the beach nourishment program seem to kill all the fleas in the surf zone for much of the island. I was wondering how much of a come back they have made they year. Thanks for the feedback!
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That is always why I keep the sand flea fish bites with me. Some times the fleas are hard to find.
I think the problem goes beyond Sand Fleas being hard to find. The beach renourishment program have severely damaged the environment where the Sand Fleas live, to the point that they are no longer there. As a result, the species that prefer to feed on Sand Fleas, most likely , move out of the area in search of a new supply of their preferred food, Sand Fleas. If the fish aren't in the area, the Fish Bites would not be productive, since the fish have relocated.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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