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Topsail Charters

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Coming back to topsail next year for vacation and I wanted to take my daughter on a charter for kids. Any suggestions? She is 6 and loves to fish with me back home. I have been googling and I found one but wanted to hear some opinions here.

Also this past summer my brother-in-law and myself went on a charter for inshore in Bethany. Trolled for blues and then drifted for flounder and had a ball and did well. It was just a great day. The boat was nice cause it was a 45 ft with a large area under cover for the sun if we wanted to sit back for a bit. Any ideas of some charter for the same type of experience with a captain who really knows how to find the fish. The day we got back alot of people commented on how well we did and when I told them who we went with they said. "ya that makes sense. you went with 'the guy' who knows how to find fish consistantly.

Any recommendations would be awesome!

We are going 2nd week in august.

Also can't wait to hit the surf each day!
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Allen Jernigan Breadman Ventures for inshore fishing for reds, specks and flounder https://www.facebook.com/Breadman-Ventures-261668767183724/?fref=ts or http://www.breadmanventures.com/

Johnathan Mallette for offshore
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