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Hit the beach at South Topsail the late morning of Friday, 06/07. Plan was a 3-day family trip, arrive Friday and head home Sunday afternoon.

We hit rain and storms around Whiteville (coming in via 74), and that didn't change the whole way to the beach. Rain slacked off, leaving it just a bit overcast with mist and drizzle by the time we reached the island. I started out with fresh shrimp/fishbites in the suds, no luck. Tide had just peaked, and fish weren't in that close. Got a long rod rigged up, and within seconds of getting it in the spike it started shaking, retrieved a smallish spot. Re-cast that one, same result except this time it was a smallish whiting. Bombed it out on the next cast and nothing -- reeled in to right on the outer break, and caught another in a few seconds. Fish were holding right on the edge of that outer break.

My kid managed to catch a few fleas with the rake, so I started using those, also started bombing out shorter rods to get "in the zone", and stayed busy with little panfish the rest of the time. A good time, but nothing really big around that I could see.

We left the beach to eat dinner around 6PM, and then I fished a private dock on the waterway. Tons of cookie-cutter 8" croaker there, along with pinfish, juvenile sea bass, pigfish, spots. Soaked a combo of cut and live bait from ~8PM to 1AM on 8/0 owner circles, hoping for a drum. No luck there, but did drag a few big blue crabs in though.

Saturday morning I got up early, thinking I might score on spanish/blues from the beach with a spoon. Noticed it was a bit breezy as I walked to the access, and as soon as I hit the beach it was terrible. Winds gusting 30+, misting rain. I saw a bluefish jump just past the breakers and blasted a spoon out there, but no luck. Tossed a bit of shrimp out on a little circle with a 4 oz. sinker, right in the suds, nothing. Threw another one to the back of the break and shortly retrieved it from down the beach, shrimp unmolested. After 15 minutes of getting sandblasted, I dug up my shoes and headed back to the room. Weather report promised more of the same, and the outstanding hotel staff offered to refund us for that night if we could be out by 11AM. With a 2 year-old and a 5 year-old to consider, and with the normal kiddie attractions closed due to COVID, we threw in the towel and were headed home by 10:15 AM.

This is the 3rd beach trip in a row for me that was either cancelled or shortened by bad weather.

Plan is to try again this weekend, hopefully we get to stay the whole time.
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