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too good to be true

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went to sandbridge today..nothin happenin except for down on the refuge where birds were everywhere! there were lots of boats too. there were birds right in the surf zone, sounds great right! well there was something fishy goin on, the birds were not moving down the beach, and the fish were not breaking the surface. as it turns out I think the birds were picking at scraps/debris that was getting spat onto the beach where they were dredging at thye pier, current was south hard leaving the debris along the surf zone. hard to believe you could cast into working birds all day without a bite. on a more positive note, about 1/2 mile offshore there were real schools working, saw boaters pullin em in. I did follow one real school about 1.5 miles to the\ south hoping they would come in close but never did. frusterating but oh well
you dont know if you dont go?
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I really envy you VA guys/gals! Just the thought of hooking up with stripers on every cast as they are in a feeding frenzy :eek: gets my blood boiling!

You're right! Unless you chase them down and give it your best shot you will never know. ;) Cast a lure or two for me...
Just an observation. If the birds are feeding on scraps off the bottom. Why not toss shellfish (clams crabs etc) since the Bass will be doing like wise.
the fish were about 0.5 miles offshore eating menhaden, I dont think they were interested in dredge garbage. maybe my post was confusing, the birds working right in the surf were not following fish, or feeding fish, they just appeared to be
Actuallly Stripers eat just about anything that is fresh. In that Garbage will be mussels clams etc and probably a few Stripers as well looking for a easy meal. Also not all stripers hang in the school.
The only striper I have ever caught was in the surf off Duck, NC back in August '97. Guess what I caught him on? Squid strip, so there you go. Sometimes you gotta try something else when you can't catch them the regular way. Wish I was there. I'd like to be hooking into a big one right now.
I was one of the boats off the beach on Saturday. 3 of us in the boat caught and released 11 fish all over 35" with the largest just under 45lbs. It was a great day. First hook up was about 1/4 mile outside the rocks at rudee inlet. Owl creek ramp is great and free.
ok digger and cdog your both smarta$$es, but maybe I shouda tried usin bait, but.. I DIDNT
HAVE ANY . 0h well no effense ay? ;) :eek: :mad: :D :eek: :rolleyes:

ps. obx guy Im jealous you jerk!
just kiddin but i am jealous 45lbs!
So you figured out I'm a Smartass you are slow, just kidding, I can be a jackass too!!! I did note to myself that you had no bait. I was just trying to give ideas to anyone who wants to make the effort that, there may be other options under the special conditions. Also I have mined many a beach for bait. And it is frustrating watching boats catching out of range. I ment no foul rockhead. You have provided good local reports and I'm stuck for the most part.
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