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I found this on Billdance.com/fish talk. I think it says it all and states my sentiments exactly.

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posted March 24, 2003 05:10 AM
I know this is not the correct forum for this...but I bet your indulgence.

I gave 32 years to this great land. I would like to give 32 more. I have family fighting for us as you read this, so I wrote this poem to send there.
If you love America as I do, enjoy. If not, you can use my luggage...

God Bless America - Again

It takes a special someone
To put all else aside.
To step up and lay their life on the line,
To defend a mother's pride.

This mother that I speak of
Is not the mate of man.
Although she gave this nation birth,
She's nothing more than land.

Rolling waves of amber,
Mountains that kiss the sky.
What is it that makes a mortal man
Take up the fight and die?

Its because they know that freedom
Was never really 'free'.
It was paid for time and again with blood
From sea to shining sea.

We take our battles over seas,
Face other nations' fear.
We have to stop it over there
So you don't have to face it here.

Go right ahead and spout your vain,
We've given you that right.
But bear in mind, the one who paid
May not come home tonight.

But say a prayer, amongst that vain
Only if you think you can.
If you can't, rest assured I will
For the American fighting man.

You talk your filth and dishonor our land
Hoping others will too believe.
But if it's so great elsewhere
Why is it you never leave?

So drive your cars, buy more land
Count the ways you've got it good.
Just remember who paid the price in full
With American fighting blood.

So I'll salute Old Glory,
And the American women and men.
I'd put back on my uniform
And join them once again.

For God hath blessed this land of ours
Through each battle He did save.
It's no mistake we call this land
The home of the free and brave.

God Bless America - Again

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