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Tide Info?

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Hey Fishing guys,

I'm going fising at SPSP on Friday and Solomons on Sat. Where can I get the best HI/LO Tide info for these areas. Anybody else going to these places? Also, I'm using squid and bloodworms for bait, any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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Here are three URL's I use daily. They are so good I keep them on my desktop with their own icons.

http://www.tides.com/cgi-bin/tcweb.exe This one has great graphics and covers all we need and then some!

http://weather.unisys.com/radar/rad_at.html This is the color digitized weather we see on tv with choices of radar, infrared, enhanced infrared, etc... and displays for US, US regions, history and zoom.

http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.phtml?$station=tplm2 This is Thomas Point Light data link download. There are maybe a hundred other sites to select as well-- like offshore Fenwick Island, the VA Capes, Hatteras, etc. These give you a ton of data about water and air conditions, temps, wind speed and direction, etc.
I also use the URL that SeaBass uses. It is extremely easy and accurrate.
The DNR site: (cut & paste for Kent Narrows 7/7/03)

Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

M 7 Low 6:25 AM 0.8 5:46 AM Set 12:59 AM 48
7 High 11:26 AM 1.6 8:33 PM Rise 1:57 PM
7 Low 6:13 PM 0.3

The Nautical Software site has color graphics and much more data. I like the way they overlay the tides with the sunrise/sunset so you can plan easier. They also give you the option of choosing current speeds and the tidal variations as a function of time - so a 10 foot hole under the Narrows bridges might be only an 8 foot hole if you get there late. On a hot day that difference in water temp could be important.

I think the other data sources are just as important, especially for those who have long drives to get to the Bay. The Thomas Point Light data link can give you a whole lot more to plan your trip with than any tv or radio station weather guy. That's even more important for nautical conditions at the beach, offshore and Tidewater, VA.

But, to each his own- tight lines!
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I agree with RUNES that there is more to a good fishing trip than just a tide table so here some more useful information sources:

A good source for tide information


Seven day forecast -- NWS site that includes radar and cloud cover
(just put your location in the box – city,state – click on go)


Marine forecasts for DE coast and Chesbay


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