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Tica vs Tsunami?

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Tsunami is listed on ebay as better than Tica. Have not seen any reports on Tsunami. What is your opinions?
Thanks KB:)
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I haven't seen any posts about tsunamis. Maybe you'll be first on your block :) .

keep em tight.....Kurt
Yeh, the Tsunami is flashier with the gel coat and all. Supposedly the same blank. The dude at the tackle shop told me that a while back.
I have 2 Ticas 12fts this years 03 and last years 02 spinning models as well as a 7ft Tsunami which I use for boat and or pier/bridge fishing. The Tsunami is very close to the Tica in quality of components and finsh but I prefer the Okuma Solaris, Fuji guides and reel seat and it cost less than a comparable Tica or Tsunami.JMHO
I also have the Okuma Solaris and it does an excellent job for me. It was a gift and I can't complain abit. :D
every year there are new rods out and whoever has one claims it to be the best. if it does what you want , then it's the rod for you . i prefer the ones i make because i know what they have on them. i use only quality parts. when you buy a rod for $50 that is what you are getting. no more, or less. i like lamiglass, and all star. if a rod is made in the usa, it says so. tica rods say they are graphite. they can say that becaise they are not made in the usa. but what % graphuite are they? 2%, 5%, 10% ? none are 100%. i have two 7ft ticas for pier use. they serve just fine for what i want. but i do know that they do noy have quality guides. i've said enough. i'm not critizing, just trying to point out a few facts you may overlook.
I too have the Okuma Solaris 12' and I got a chance to test it this weekend Cobia Fishing. I think the rod is excellent for the price. Very comparable to the Tica as far as quailty goes. I like it!!!!!:D :cool:
I fished today with the first rod I ever built. That was in 1975.

It's still in perfect condition, and it gives me great satisfaction to use it.

It's held up much better than I have over the years. A tribute to Fuji and Lamiglas.

But in all honesty, tackle doesn't wear out. It gets broken, lost or stolen.

I've presently got 5 assorted Tica rods, and yes, the components probably aren't quite up to "Custom Rod" standards. But they fish very well, and cost less than half of what the components to build a Custom Rod cost.

I still build Custom Rods. But mostly as "Presentation Piece" gifts.

I like to think that I know a good rod from a "broomstick", and the current crop of "newer, better, fancier" rods aren't all that bad.

I take more exception with the fact that they're ALL "made in China" than I do with thier quality.
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I'm familiar with both "names", but never used the rods personally. Any thoughts on Ocean Master rods? When I started surffishing at Assateague Island that is the brand I bought (2 of them, one 10' one 11') and both work well for me set up with Penn 6500 reels.

Seemed price was reasonable, and since they work for me, I have no complaints, just wondering.

Did hear Sunami was fairly new, and if so, wouldn't it be better to wait for actual tests from others before purchasing. Tica, good name, good quality and history, (not sure on price).
Thanks for the response, next ?. How much difference does a foot of length matter when compairing rods with every thing else equal?
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