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Throw net

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Where are the best spots for catching bait in a throw net in the Virginia Beach area? I havent really used my throw net very much in saltwater so I dont really know where to go. I usually use it to catch bait fish for freshwater.
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Let me know when you find out... Actually ALOT of bait in Rudee today and some dudes were casting from the seawall at the restaurant and catchin small menhaden and croaker. Didn't see any keepers today, but alot of 15+ inchers....
Went back this evening........The whole basin was full of bait.... I saw fish under the bait as well...lots of 'showers' indicating something is pushin theme up...... I threw electric chicken, chicken catch-a-tori, chicken pot pie......no bites?!?!?! ANY suggestions? I was thinking about going back when the tide shifts and starts headin out with this full moon.

OH yeah, the cast net question.........Tripp, I recommend finding a sandy area with no rocks....try your yard first:) - you won't have to replace the net too soon. I saw a new technique today (no puttin it in your mouth :p** {I really just wanted to use the new throw-up dude})I want to try...give me a shout and we'll hook up and practice. I've seen folks throw em off the piers even (note to self-get a longer rope after what happened last time)

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my spot

come down 31st (laskin) towards the beach hang a left on artic hang your 1st left. the 1st stream you come over is good at high tide (beware of throwing on the condo side. there is a wooden wall that will get your net) the second stream is good spot to throw also. if you go during outgoing tide be careful if you throw into the center of the water spilling out of the pipe. you will fill your whole net up with menhaden. throw on the outskirts of the flowing water and you'll still get a good bit of them without the headache of having 700 of them flopping around needlessly

Tahnks for the info guys. Loudog- I really don't think I can throw my net any other way without it being in my mouth. I sometimes have trouble with that:cool: I've been trying to learn some new techniques, do you know any good websites with directions?

rughly what size are the menhaden you get in that area?
tripp, try this....


i've caught them from between 1" to 8" usually they are right around 2". it's also a good spot to put a trap out for gudgens.
sorry about that i was thinking mullet...

the menhaden average about a inch......
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