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As qoated eloquently by Mr Jake Ace.
Musta had cob webs in the brain when fishing the Chesapeake area on 9-1-03.
Started fishin @ 830am.Brought out the 11'6 tica(525Mag) and both my trout rods(8' and 7'6(lite lures).
A slight NW wind.Waist to chest waves-consistant.Bait fish(finger mullet and small spearings?) swam amuck.Blues,flying flounder and possibly a spec or two crashing the the surface.

Well the tica hooked up with round heads,used cut bait(blue fish and grunts)Hooked up with something big when I fortunately cast netted a palm sive menhaden and put him out.The 525 screamed for a minute while I gingerly retieved my trout rod and lure back to my cart.I am figuiring the size 5/0 circle hook will do its job-but to no avail,I reeled in an empty circle hook.Re-baited and had a consistant mix of sea weed and round heads.

Well here is where the confusion starts:I start hookin up with flounders while using the desceased menhaden that was floating in my bait bucket.Same technique and rig as stated in previous posts(modified Texas rig:swivel to main line,24 inches of leader,to a hand snelled size 1,long shanked hook.I am only using about a 5/8th slip shot as my sinker).I keep a pocket full of dead menhaden in my fishing trunks(those pig fish,snake fish,small croakers,blues and blow toads seem to have a feast on menhaden,so it is just as easy to keep a pocket ful of bait instead of walkin back and forth).
Well hooked up with about 8 descent size flounders.4 of them were btween 19 inches and 21 inches,and the other 4 were from 17 3/4 to 18 1/4.Being a conservationist and law obiding fisherman,I was going to make sure I will not keep any undersized fish.
Well have you guys read the sizes?I coulda for the first time have bagged my limit on flounder from the surf.I woulda even had a cook out and invited everyone on this board over ...sorry no trolls invited.
I was so convinced that the size limit was 18 1/2 inches and up....

Well @ least I only kept the largest of the fish and practiced some good ole'catch and release,and too bad Jake Ace wasn't there he coulda tagged them for me too,hopefully he woulda reminded me of the size limit.

That's it-I am out :D

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Now that's a good story, Nserch4Drum, with a happy ending for you and the rest of us.

I promise you, as will Kimoslobby and Red Eye, that those same flounder will be in that same spot (or closely related to it) for the next several weeks too.

Once they find a good spot to feed they will stay there until weather (ie: front, cooling / rising temps) drives them from that spot, or the bait moves on.

In fact, I've written here before about how it's actually been easier "percentage-wise" to re-catch the larger flounder than the smaller ones. In 2002, we tagged / released about 65 keepers (over 17 1/2"), and 20 of them were recaptured and eaten.

Whereas on the undersized ones, the other 335 that year, only 35 were reported as being recaptured.

The thing about both the larger ones and the smaller ones is that they'll stick around (especially May - July) and (September - early-October) in the same spot, as nearly all were re-caught within 50-yards of where they were originally tagged.

So, that all being said, go gettum' again this weekend.


Jake Ace
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