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Here is a THOROUGH REVIEW of the PENN CLASH Spinning Reel . . .

I read that old review which I trust was accurate, but expecting the problems to be corrected by PENN, I just bought two last month and I'm glad I did!

Here is a copy and paste of what I sent to Alan Hawk:


I appreciate your reviews because you are knowledgeable and thorough.

Update on Penn Clash CLA 8000.

My two from Cabela's arrived two weeks ago (sorry for the delay in my report to you). In the store there is a very knowledgeable and serious fishermen who helped me look for the flaws we were concerned about from your review. We found the line rollers to feel excellent by pulling line over them with fishing line. We also found the bearing that was shimmed to have a modified shim and freely turn as a bearing. Daniel saw a relief groove in the shim. I didn't have my reading glasses at the time to see it myself.

Penn has corrected the problems as we suspected they would. I work in a fabrication shop and also see the results of things rushed to meet deadlines. Perhaps that's what happened and is corrected now. I'm glad. These are the most expensive reels I own.

I haven't used the reels yet. I bought them for my first surf casting experience sometime in the future. I live in Utah, so it will have to be a vacation to a coast. I haven't found anyone here I can practice surf casting to learn the techniques and did very poorly on my own with Sea Hawk reels and Coleman rods, so I won't be using the new reels soon except I want to practice surf casting and get the right line for it and perhaps big fish. Eventually I will have a sailboat and live near a coast, so learning surf casting and getting some experience is preparation for different fishing environments and styles.

Still, I can look into the reels more to report to you on anything in particular you would like to know about. I might use them here for big catfish and sturgeon which I also haven't targeted yet.

My 23 foot Coleman monster rods should be great for the surf, but perhaps crazy for cast and retrieve and I'm thinking about getting the shorter ones and maybe trying this in 15 feet:


Perhaps you can suggest if I should buy those fiberglass rods (soon because it's on sale briefly) or buy the more expensive carbon fiber rods or both:

http://www.squidjig.com/fishinggear/carbon surf rod.htm

I've been learning one style of fishing after another. As I become proficient, I get equipment for new styles. So far, the longest rod I use fishing is ten foot. I have lots of rods of most types and last few weeks, I've been using my shorter ones. I got into a technically difficult terrain (high on rocks yet using swim bait best controlled with the rod tip close to the water, so when I switched back to 10 foot not only was that helpful, but I realized how much familiarity and experience makes a difference. Anytime my swim bait was about to get in trouble with a retrieve into weeds, lifting the rod tip makes the lure jump out of the water and land at my feet.

Ronald H Levine
Sandy, Utah
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