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This stinks.

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So, had a second tog trip to OC. Again, got at least one almost legal tog. This time, it was 15 7/8. If I pinched the tail just right it was barely 16. To be safe, I tossed it back.

What bugs me, is that this fish is perfectly legal in Delaware: http://www.dnrec.delaware.gov/fw/fisheries/pages/recfishsizeseasoncreel.aspx

I continue to catch 15+ inch togs. They either need to coordinate the adjacent states laws, or I need to find a spot in Delaware.
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Stanley, you did way better than me. I was at IRI 9am till 6pm sunday only had one 10 incher. It was windy windy and the water was dirty.
all the fishermen left by 3pm because of no bite even the lurers trying for stripers did not stay long.
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