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The white perch still hitting in shallow water

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Fished the Tread Avon river from daybreak until 8:15 AM. Caught about twenty perch on the tube bait jig. Is this a little hard head ? I have been catching a lot of them. They are only 3 or 4". Fish hit pretty good in 2-3-4 Ft. of water when tide was moving. Fished off a pier. Fish Fish Fish products Sardine Herring
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Catch them in the back bay in OC sometimes. We call them sand perch too
Sand Perch or Silver Perch

Killer King Mackerel bait for pin rigging on the OBX.

I also caught my largest Red Drum 54" on a Sand Perch body section. No other bait around so I chucked it out there. A big front was scheduled to hit Rodanthe Pier at 2:00 AM in the morning, the water was real calm at 1:30 AM and I went to sleep under my rods, every one else had left the pier. At about 2:00 AM the wind started raging and the ocean came alive. My 8600 started wailing and I was bowed up, Drum went under the pier and I had to lever him out.....I had to net it by myself, I had propped the net up on the South end of the Tee and when I managed to get the Drum up and floated over the net, with my rod in one hand and the rope in the other, I just walked backwards, till I had the fish up about five or six feet about the water and then I set my rod down and pulled the big boy over the rail.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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