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Fished the incoming tide.Water was dirty,seas calm.Wind was still predominately blowing North.

Thought I was @ the right place.

Threw windcheaters,storms,assorted metal,buck-tails, bubble-gum BA's on lead-heads.....Nada.Not even a bump.
Saw (1) 14-16 incher caught,on a fly.Ya gotta watch that back-cast,esp on the jetty.Trying to re-tie a new lure,and the backcast is missing my head by a foot.
No blood-no foul.I fished with the Fly-Fisherman b4.He is a really nice guy.

Well fished until 7pm,until feet and hands got a lil too cold.

Is it just me,or the Spit has not produced like years past?
Or has the fish just caught on?
Well these are questions I know most of us ask,and until we have a decline or reduced Menhaden harvest,I am just gonna blame the Menhaden Fishery
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