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Except for topwater, the lures you mention produce with a straight retrieve. I always start off with a medium retrieve. If that doesn't work try fast then slow or slow then fast. Then try adding some action with your rod tip. Jerk the lure, let it fall. Retrieve...stop...retrieve...stop.

You want to find what the fish want at that particular time. Let them tell you what kind of action they want by experimenting with differing retrieves.

Try observing wounded baitfish. Pay attention to how they move in the water and try to mimic that with your lure.

Topwater plugging is an art. Think of it as making the lure dance on the surface to entice the fish to bite your offering. To me, this is the most rewarding way to catch them. Most of it is visual, watch some of the experienced guys to gain some insights.

The best thing for you to do is just go at it. Much time on the water will give you the experience to figure what retrieves work best in certain circumstances. A dear friend of mine once told me "The first time you catch a fish with that lure, memorize exactly what you did to catch him."
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