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This one of the best (and saddest) pieces I've read on the forces killing off surf fishing. It's set on Cape Cod but it'll look familiar to anyone who fishes beaches managed by the National Park Service. It's about the last tackle shop on the Outer Cape closing down, it's about plovers and the park service, it's about declining fish stocks and climate change, the return of seals and the death of a town. It's a eulogy for the sport.

I got interested in Surf Fishing reading the books written in the 1950's and !960's, these books were written by New England writers and sportsmen who pioneered the sport after WWII. Frank Woolner, Ted Williams and other New England and Montauk surfcasters were my heroes when I was 9 years old living in California.

At that time the Menhaden Fishery was not mechanized and the bait fish that supported the Striper and Large Bluefish, seemed limitless.

That has changed.

Another thing that has changed is the relative scarcity of Large Sharks along the Mid Atlantic Coast of the US.

Not talking Blacktips and Spinners like in NC but the Whites and larger Porbeagles that before Man came along, held the Seals in check off of Cape Cod and its environs.

I used to catch a few Porbeagles off of the Nags Head pier in early spring, have not heard about one in twenty years, which brought up the thought. They look just like miniature White Sharks but are much darker in color. A seal would not stand a chance against a big Porbeagle.......

I kept postponing a visit to New England to fish, it was all ways a more sure thing heading out the OBX on my part.

It does bring up the subject of doing what one can to support the local tackle stores on whatever beach a person fishes, rather than supporting Dick Cabela or Johnny Morris who by the way do not fish Rodanthe Pier.
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