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all the taxes spent to replenish the beach in sandbridge are being washed away. the most recent high tide brought water crashing against the bulkheads just as it did in the fall. sea water has filled in the holes they left around the houses without seawalls and in at least one spot there is a mini inlet between the ocean and the "bay" that exists beneath the homes without seawalls. the area where water flowed out before, and in again now, has sand cliffs on either side of 18+ inches high. mother nature and mother ocean haven't quite thrown a full blown nor'easter at us, but with the next rising of the tide and the steady humming wind directly off the ocean, more sand is bound to be lost. how long will it last? pretty soon it will be just as it was before. except you will have to scout for the new holes and gaps in the sandbars to find the fish.
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