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A very few anglers can catch tautog in the cold water below 44 F.
Fish in general, don't like a sudden change of the water temp. So, when picking a day for fishing in Jan-March, I look for the steady water temp or gradual rise of the water temp for 4-5 days.
The water temp was rising steadily from 40 F to 44 F for 8 days at CBBT. So, I tried again. I caught 6 tautog, 1 small shark and 5 toadfish on shrimp.
The 70 % of pylons I fished were fished by other anglers. The only difference is I know when (right current directions, right current speed) and the locations of the underwater structures. The remaining 30% pylons were new ones to find the new underwater structures. This invest paid off occasionally in the past. But, for the past 3 trips, I found no new pylons.

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