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Hey gang. Haven't hit the beach yet this season, but shore fished backbay landing last Sunday w/better half for "dose cats" which fry up so nice on day two.
But I've got a question here. Have any of you guys ever removed the level-wind on your (any) reels ?
I've got a few Penns - 9M's and 10's That I was going to try this with. But before I do, was wondering pro's and con's ?
I've got 6 ambassedeurs also - 5500C3's, 6500C3, 6600C4, andf so I understand - I need a kit (@roughly $35) to remove the levelwinds on those.
So anyone "been there-done this?"

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Removed the levelwind on my Penn 209 once when I was going deepsea and was told the levelwind wouldnt hold up to a very heavy fish (cobia). Was no problem. Consider calling up the web site for the reel you are working with and download the parts diagram, it will give you insight into what you are doing and allow you to reorder the parts you lose (chuckle) Have fun!

P.S. Since then I got a Penn 320LD and love it.
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