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tackle recs

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I'm looking to replace my 'ole Mitchell 306 and 302 which have served me well.Whats working for you guys&gals??I've been told to try the Daiwa BG series as they are great for pier and surf.What say you? the R.
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Look at the Daiwa series Emblem X-T(saltwater)I've have two of the EMX6000T and won't give them up for nothing. I to had the Mitchell 306 and a matter of fact I still have them(3) and in good condition. I use them when I transfur line from one reel to another,they won't hold as much as the EMX6000T (320)yds.of 20#. After looking at the BG series I might have to go and get one or two,when I pier fish, my old reels are(hand-me-downs)so it's about time I look for some. :rolleyes:
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