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Looks like it was kind of short . . . Which of those Parking Lots in this pic allowed parking for the pier ?

Tight Lines !

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The spaces NW of the red indicator. That used to be that's all available right there at the pier. There aren't many spaces. Parking is a problem. It's all metered, too (or was the last time I was by there 3 or so yrs ago).

It is a short pier. If you consider liability/maintenance costs, I don't see how any of the piers turn a profit anymore down there, unless they cater to something besides fisherman. Sad to say, but GC has the bar and live entertainment, Apache has campground, Springmaid had/has resort. Sad times, indeed. Surfside residents already pay a high premium for a very nice stretch of beach (given the madness of Grand Strand tourism in general). It'll be interesting to see if they'll rebuild and, if they do, how they will pay for it (as person cited in article says). I told someone awhile back that I'd be surprised if SS, 2Ave, or Pier14 would be rebuilt if another hurricane went through there and destroyed them.

River City's good eats, though.

If Adam (Cutbait91) sees this, he'll chime in, I'm sure. He was a regular on Surfside for many moons.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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