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Yep, work on technique slowly, the speed will come later.
I noticed something else today while following Tommy's tut'.
By casting directly overhead, perpendicular to the waterline, the timing of the release only affect the vertical component of the cast and solely determines the trajectory and subsequent distance of the weight. The aimpoint and windage will be the same. But, by introducing a horizontal component, the release dramatically affects the vertical trajectory as well as the horizontal element which determines where the weight will go left or right of dead center. Looks like the further one strays from directly overhead, the more complex the timing of the release needs to be. My distance stayed about the same, but my accuracy improved tremendously by following Tommy's example, swinging basically straight back instead of the "round house" maneuver I was using !
It's all starting to come together.
Thanks Gents,
41 - 42 of 42 Posts