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I have never fished the Lake Worth Pier but as someone who throws plugs for Spanish and Blues I can tell you 25' is not enough distance. No wonder there are issues going on there.

At Juno the problems are being caused obviously by the lack of enforcement of the 100' line.

From what I read overall there does not appear to but much enforcement at either pier and there appears to be some great mystery as to why there is problems. :rolleyes:

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The limit at Juno Pier used to be 300 ft. . . . No one respected it then, either !

I can't imagine why they would have DECREASED the limit . . . Asking for trouble.

In my opinion, the limit should be 500 ft., which is out of the range of 99% of all casters on the pier and would allow some "margin of error" for boats, swimmers, and surfers.
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