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surf sinker from BPS

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I bought surf sinkers (sinker with copper wires to grab bottom) from bass pro shop in arundel mills, anyone used this sinker before??? from my experience in AI, they don't work. they don't hold bottom, and only time they hold bottom is when the fishes are on, thus making the retrieve, very difficult. so bottom line is don't buy it.
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Not only do they not hold but the cut down on the distance the sinker will fly. Never listen to a seller, always ask the buyer...Tightlines
In that case, anyone want to buy the three brand new ones I have in my tackle box? I prefer either pyramid or storm sinkers but I'm looking to try frog tongue sinkers. I'm having a hard time trying to locate frog tongue sinkers that cost less than $3 to $4 each.
If they are the breakaway kind, you fold the wire in whne you cast ans then it comes out in the water. This way it should'nt hurt your cast at all. But if the wire is stationary, then you are in trouble.
I beg to differ with you guys. I will only use breakaway brand with the yellow beads on the tines. I can use a 4oz breakaway on 1 rod and a 6 oz storm sinker on the other and the storm will drift while the breakaway holds.The shape of the body is bullet shaped thus making it more aerodynamic. after casting reel and set sinker tight . only bad thing if you get a hit and you set and miss you have to retrieve because the tines will be disengaged. But as we all know each fisherman has his or her own preference. Stay away from the imitation impact sinkers/sputnics or anything else you might want to call them. they are the ones with the cheap pink plastic beads and the clear yellow plastic.
Sorry terpfan I was at bass pro today and i saw the sinkers you were talking about they don't look very helpful in holding bottom I thought you were talking about the breakaway sinkers.sorry
it's alright, I use breakaway sinkers exclusively in the bay. in the surf i usually use breakaway softies, but when you run out, it takes awhile for the orders to arrive from Texas. thats the reason that i tried the bass pro surf sinker. by the way i melted down BPS sinkers to make some trolling sinkers.
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