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surf rods?

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I am trying to look up surf rod info from previous threads and it is not letting me use the search dealio at the bottom of the site. I just picked up a shimano baitrunner with a 9' surf rod rated for up to 6 oz. this is fine for virginia beach area right? I will basically be casting high/low rigs with 2-4 oz weight off of virginia beach, chix, sandbridge, adn croatan. I know most of ya'll like using 10'-12' or larger, but the rod was only an extra $20.00. I couldn't really pass it up.

Basically, I need to know that this rod will get me out far enough in the surf for stripers in the fall.

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Believe me you'll be able to catch just about anythig you want with that combo. The only thing is, you'll need 10 pound line or less for light lures and heavier line for bottom fishing so get an extra spool to have both.
bassn, I think you'll be extremely happy with that combo. You should be able to catch anything out there with it. It's great for stripers, and you should be able to get out far enough with a 6oz. weight.

Keep your lines tight. -Bait Runner.
Try a St. Croix 8' 6" surf rod. They are rated for 6-14# which is ridiculous, but I would say the St. Croix is my go to rod and will fit exactly what you are talking about. It should be good for jigs and up to 6oz sinkers.

It has a skinny handle so you can cast much longer and it won't tire you out. It costs about 119$ at Greentop.

St. Croix's customer service is top notch.

I lost the top portion of the rod in Kiptopeke pier after a foul cast. I explained the situation to them and they will make me a new one for free since my rod is no longer in production. I will now buy their rods for life. They are a beautiful piece of art.

Hmm... I've got an 8'6" St Croix Premier surf rod and it's rated for 1/2-2 oz. It's a nice rod, but you'd have to be crazy to try to cast 6 oz with it!! I think you may be confusing the recommended line weight rating with the recommended lure weight rating, or you're actually talking about one of their longer surf rods, or some discontinued model.
The reel is no problem as it will do what you want. The rod I have some doubts about. You said you want to reach stripers in the fall. I would need more info on the rod. How long is the handle(or Butt as we say). Can you put the reel in your piviot hand between the index and middle finger or the middle and ring and close your eyes(no peaking) grabing for the end butt with the left hand (like you want leverage) and actually grab the last 4 inches. It is probably too short for long casts required for metal to Stripers in late fall, though it may work well for many situations.
That St Croix he's talking about is great for fishing the IRI bucktail rig a 1 1/2 -2oz trolling sinker rigged ahead of a small bucktail in the swift currents.And, I have also pushed mine to the limits;I threw an 8oz bank sinker with mine and had Spots and Croakers along with the wieght somtimes.What a powerfull rod8(---).It mght be 8 1/2' but it can take a beating:cool:
Bassn, I caught a 31lb striper off Sandbridge surf using a 6'6" ugly stick and a penn 44ss, so I think you'll be ok.
yea, all my favorite rods are 7' and smaller, I'm more of a lure fisher but they all work great for striper of all sizes including the 20+lb ocean striper at sandbridge.
Thanks for all the replys,
I have had some family in town so i have not been able to get online for awhile. The rod is working great, but the "butt" on it is not very long. it is just longer than a long handled bass rod. I think though, throwing it hard enough, i will be able to get it out there. Thanks again, todd.
Yeap...butt length = leverage = distance..

I would seriously recommend the Tica 10' fer 6oz.. Heckuva good rod fer the $$$:D

I got the 12, the 10 and the 9' tica.. I also have had a couple of the Diawa Sealine-x 11'ers...

The tica is the best rod fer the $$$

Got mine at Frank and Frans...best price I could find on da OBX..

if intrested in rod for the money id go with the tica rods got mine at princess anne dist. best prices in town think i paid 69 .00 or so for 11 ft heaver 9 ft spinners run like 59.00 good luck
also have had good luck with outter banks rods from boaters world kinda $$$
good luck

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