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Surf rod/reel question

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Hi folks, I was thinking about pairing up a Penn Battalion II 12' surf rod with a Penn Slammer IV 5500 reel. Sole purpose would be surf fishing. Any opinions on this match-up? Not trying to break the bank and these seemed like a decent price for what's offered. Trying to stay under the $500 limit. I have to stick with a 2-piece rod unfortunately.
As always, I appreciate you guys advice!
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If using a spinning reel I’d go braid w/ 65+ mono shock leader.

I fish in TX & use 14-15’ rods paired w/ bait casters. I generally use 18-20 mono (Sakuma) & 65+ shock leader. I generally throw 4-6 oz leads w/ single & double clip-down rigs.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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