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Surf rod/reel question

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Hi folks, I was thinking about pairing up a Penn Battalion II 12' surf rod with a Penn Slammer IV 5500 reel. Sole purpose would be surf fishing. Any opinions on this match-up? Not trying to break the bank and these seemed like a decent price for what's offered. Trying to stay under the $500 limit. I have to stick with a 2-piece rod unfortunately.
As always, I appreciate you guys advice!
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Put 20 lb pro spec chrome on it and forget what the sticker says .... Teachs has it, I was just in there .... you don't need that much line on your spool unless you're fishin for sharks.
16lb Pro Spec Chrome will also work fine and like river said forget the sticker …prolly can get over 200 yds on the spool.
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I would have suggested 16 lb but Teachs was out, I was in there the other day lookin for it, he may have to go up the beach to get it ... best line ever ... I HATE BRAID !
I agree about braid other than my spinning reel for jerk jigging off a pier or jetty or throwing metal on a spinner maybe, although i currently have 14lb sakuma with a bite leader on my spinner for throwing 1-4 metals etc. I have been very pleased with 16lb pro spec chrome blaze orange on my conventional reels. However I am not paying the price for it anymore until it comes way back down to earth if ever. I have some Sufix Superior Neon Fire waiting when I re-spool.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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