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Surf rod/reel question

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Hi folks, I was thinking about pairing up a Penn Battalion II 12' surf rod with a Penn Slammer IV 5500 reel. Sole purpose would be surf fishing. Any opinions on this match-up? Not trying to break the bank and these seemed like a decent price for what's offered. Trying to stay under the $500 limit. I have to stick with a 2-piece rod unfortunately.
As always, I appreciate you guys advice!
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Hey guys, I'm so so sorry for not responding to you all! I own that.
I did get the Slammer 5500 and the 12' Battalion II.
I feel like I made a mistake with this match up. The 5500 shows a max of 15lb mono and a max 40lb braid. I dont want to go the braid route because I'm not a local and I've read plenty of posts on that part.
I did however want to be able to put some heavier mono on this reel, especially since I have the rod to support it.
Now I'm not sure what to spool my reel with.
I greatly appreciate you guys responding to my initial post and super sorry I didnt get back to you.
Again, going down to Hatteras down at Durant Station and just fishing the surf the last week of Nov.
Going to get this new rig spooled at Teaches Lair like always.
Like my title says, I'm an Old Rookie and feel a bit embarrassed.
Any suggestions at this point?
Wow, great options and appreciate the quick responses. Thank you all soo much!
I must say, I'm a bit wary about the braid. Not just the locals but, worried about burning my finger up. Lol
Guess I have to learn sometime.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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