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Surf Rod And Reels ???? Will This Do?

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What size and brand of rods and reels do you folk use for surf fishing?

I just got into surf fishing and purchase a 8' 2 piece Okuma IM6 Graphite rod, MED weigth, 15 - 30 lb line, 1/2 - 3 oz. and Fuji guides and reel seat. For the reel I purchase the Okuma Epixor EB 65 4.5:1 ratio, 10 BB, 450/12, 340/15, 260/20 and with their live bait feeding system.

Should I have gotten a longer pole? Any advantages to longer rods?

Any suggestion?
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Length of rod will help with distance, and keeping the line somewhat above the wave action. Whta you want (depending of winds and currencts), is some thing capable of handling 3 ounces to eight ounces plus bait. Okuma reels are nice, have an avenger, and tour rod even though rated to 3 ounce should be able to handle 5 -6 ounces alright. By the way, when I talk surffishing, I'm talking the likes of Hatteras or AI.

Use about 15 pound line, forty shock leader and Carolina rig and you'll be fine.
I have two rods, a 12' ugly stick (heavy action) with a Penn 8500 reel and a 10' diawa sealine-x (med-hvy) with a Daiwa Emblem X-T reel that I use for surf fishing.

Both rods I can throw about the same distance because the 12' is a much more flexible than the diawa. I am looking to get another rod most likely a 12' that is a little stiffer. I do predominatly surf fishing and I agree with Shaggy in that believe that a longer rod is easy to cast out to where you need. If you pier fish you can probably get away with a smaller rod.

Personally I like my 12' and looking forward to getting another one
Ditto about the 12 ft rods. With some of the larger piers like choptank a 12ftr is really not that big. If you want an all around rod a 10ft one seems to fit the medium between pier and surf.
Depends on the quality of the rod also.

Interesting thing I learned at the casting clinic is this. Husky was throwing his 9' Tica rod well over 300 feet, but when he used his ugly stick that was 11' or 12' in length his distance was shorter.

I own rods in following length 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 but I think my Tica 11' and Okuma Solaris 12' will out perform 13' Daiwa Eliminator.

Longer rods will not necessary cast farther than shorter ones, you have to factor in the quality of the rods, how the rod stores and releases energy is important.

But, if you are like me, you will have to work on your casting technique before you can maximize the potential of your rods.

I hope this helps. I found it helpful to start with 10' or 11' or 12' when I started fishing two years ago because those lengths weren't too short to fish SPSP but not too long like 15' to fish the piers in MD.
As an all-around combo, what you have will be fine. It appears good for casting lures and will do fine with lead and bait. In time if you become nutty enough :D , you may want to go bigger as your technique and desire grows. I'd stick with what you have this year and re-assess early next year.

You may find you need 10 or 12 different rod and reel combos. ;)
Orest said:
What size and brand of rods and reels do you folk use for surf fishing?
12' rods and L-O-N-G rod tubes to keep your line off the waves. The longer the tubes (up to 4') the better control...
Thanks for all your input.

I do have about 8 - 10 different combos for fresh water fishing, I guess I have to do the same for salt water.

I did make a rod tube last night, painted it bright red, so if any see a bright red rod tube at SPSP it's me and feel free to stop by.
It's pretty long but I did not measure it. Will post length later.

Am going there after work today. Might try some cut bait. Am starting to see where you will need several combo's. Cut bait on one, squid on one and blood worms on another.

How many rod can you have in the water at once with out break the law?
In Md it is 3 rods and two hooks per rod, per person.
Thanks RedDog1.

Now only if I could convince my wife that I need 2 more combo's by this weekend.

I was on Cabela's web site this morning and found a nice combo for $145.. Cabela's salt striker surf rod 12' and a Okuma EB 80 reel.

I guess I better start saving my pennies.
Sometimes at SPSP I can't even keep both rods out at a time, I can't imaging having out three rods. Although, I am looking for another setup maybe a okuma IM6 rod and maybe another diawa or penn reel. THey are a little bit pricer then most but one great reel.
whoa! the things internet legends are made of

Thanks for the props, but I was using the 10.5 ft. Tica with a 5 ounce sinker. And I was only getting to about 275 (not quite getting to the goal). I can cast a three ounce pretty far with my 9' though.
I'm curious, I was told at the casting "clinic" that the ugly stick would likely cast a three ounce further than it casts a 5 ounce because the tip is so flexible and light. I may just try an experiment next time and see.
Jangwuah has it right.

"Longer rods will not necessary cast farther than shorter ones, you have to factor in the quality of the rods, how the rod stores and releases energy is important."


It depends on the casters as well as the gear. The trick is to cast as fast as you can without overpowering the rod. If the sinker is too heavy for a soft rod and you cast too fast the rod will bend and stay bent. If you low it down, it may cast a little further. However, in the end, I think that you will find that the Ugly Stick will cast a 3oz sinker further in most cases.

If you get a chance, you may want to give the Okuma 12' rod a try. It is a good rod for the money. I have two that I use all around the bay.

I hope this helps.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday at ChopTank for the clean up.
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