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I'm beginning to put together my own rigs and trying some stuff out. Searching for ideas and input. I'm putting together whole mullet bluefish rigs and high/low rigs.

My thoughts are to use 60# seven strand for the main leader, no less than 100# terminal tackle (spro), and for the whole mullet rigs a single stainless wire.

My concerns are to use single or double crimps and how much larger than the wire size should I go. Also I came across some plain Styrofoam eggs at the craft store that looked perfect for floats and extremely cheap. I bought water resistant paint and some glitter to add in.

Just looking for some input. I may have missed some important information, but that's the jist of it

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I would learn a haywire twist for stainless that light. Also just search Google and Google images as well as youtube for ideas. Take what you see and modify it to your needs. I have been wanting to do this for a while but I am just to lazy:D
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