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I'm tired of buying a new cheap reel every couple of years. I want to buy something high quality that will serve me well from the surf as well as casting from a kayak (i.e. not too heavy). I'm leaning towards something like the Penn 6500 but wondered if anyone had any suggestions. Money is not a big issue but I don't won't to buy more than I need.
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I have a Daiwa Emblem 5000 XT and not only is in lightwight but is casts smoothly and reels in easily. I have the Penn 8500 and it is a bit heavy but it is a good reel for the surf.

My opinion
More info is needed to make an informed recomendation. Rod size and line weight, bait or artificals should all be factored into your selection.

You can't go wrong with a Penn Reel, but the 6500 might be a bit large for a rod that is light enough and short enough to cast from a kayak.

Basicly, you need to start with the rod. What test line do you want to use? How many yards of line do you need on the spool?

Select a reel that is rated for that line weight and capacity.

Everyone likes to have a safety margin in both areas, but the superior drag characteristics of a really good reel, make "overkill" less important.

The Penn 5500 SS might be all you want or need and the Penn 5600L "live liner" is a sweet little reel.

There are several other brands of reels that are very good. They all fish well and you will never wear them out. But you will eventually do something dumb, and break your reel.

When that happens, you'll be glad you bought a Penn.
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I agree with Smoothbore. I fish both the Penn 6500 SS and the 5500 SS. The 6500 is a large, heavy reel. I tried using it on my TICA 10'6" graphite and it was way out of scale. The 5500 SS was the better choice. Also if you're going to be throwing lures the 6500 SS will wear you out. The bait runners are also nice but I"m not sure if it's to any advantage when fishing from a kayak.

kayak. i use a 460 penn slammer omn 2 7ft rods. i have 2 460's and 2 5600 slammers. i fill them about [a little less] half way , and put 20lb. power pro. they take just over 200yds of the pp. they will cast a long way and areof top quality. just my opinion. :cool: :cool:
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