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Hello! Does any one know where I can find tips for surf fishing? I whant to start fising as a hobbie or sport. Any tips? Thanks
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Mario, Right here!!! We'll you'll have to have the right gears. In general, a 10 or 12 ft poles, sand spikes, and cast as far as you can. Is there anything specific you need to know?
There is a video called Surf fishing 101 Montauk and beyond the is very helpful and asking question on this board is extremely helpful the folks here are the best!
Make a trip by your local book store. There are a number of good books regarding surf fishing. One in particular that I found helpful was titled "Surf Fishing The North Carolina Coast". It reviews all the different rods/reels/rigs and how/when they are used.
Mario, you have found possibly the best source of surf fishing info avalable. But if you want some more info check out this site go to the video section. Hope this works www.drjimsaltwaterfishing.com :D
GALYANS SPORTS RETAIL, if you have one nearby.
Actualy I live in Tijuana Mexico(next to the border) The nearest fishing pier is at Imperial Beach California.There are some beaches over here like: Rosarito, Ensenada and for a couple of days travel. there are los cabos, la paz and many more. I would probably buy some accsesories online but there are a few good fishing stores around San Diego California . Im recently designing a fishing website, Im trying to get this side up and runing in a couple of weeks. By the way thank you for replying. Hope my writing is not that bad! LOL.
You probily have the same fish Florida has with the exection of Roosterfish.I'm sure you can catch Snook someplace down there from shore.Roosterfish are good hard fighting fish that can be caught from the surf in Mexico. :cool:
esta' bien. Escribes bien el ingles. Si quieres, puedes escribir en espanol. No nos importa. Tenemos que hablar en espanol para poder pedir una hamborguesa de McDonalds o Burger King.
En serio, has encontrado un buen sitio del internet que contiene mucha informacion sobre surffishing.

I lived in sunny San Diego for three years and went fishing every weekend.

Some areas I fished:

Downtown San Diego - Try Point Loma Sportfishing. They have everything from 1/2 boats to 3 weeks trips to Mexico. I specifically enjoy the 3/4 day trips from SD to the Coronado Islands. Lots of sandbass, calicio bass, halibut, and yellowfin tuna. http://www.pointlomasportfishing.com

The piers - I have never fished IB but have fished the pier at Pacific Beach (OB Pier). Get there in the early am and cast topwater plugs (Rapalas CD-9's in mackeral color) and spoons (Krocadyle 1 ounce in hammered brass/fire stripe) to early morning bonito ("bones") and barracuda. You may catch a tuna or two depending on the time of year and how El Nino warms up the water. At night on these piers, use live or cut bait and catch sharks and rays.

For large (200 lb plus) bat rays, go to Mission Bay. Bring heavy tackle!

I really enjoyed my stay there and loved the fishing on the party boats. Bring a couple of rods. One rod for jigging on the bottom with 30 lb test. Use this rod to jig large spoons and metal on the bottom.

Another rod (8' preffered) to cast anchovies to calicio bass and tuna on the kelp beds.

I had a 9 foot tuna stick for casting lures to topwater schooling tuna. You have to be able to cast those large 5-7 ounce spoons a long distance. This rod works well for pier fishing also.

Too much to talk about! ;) Enjoy!
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Hay caramba! jajaaj. Ok Parece raro escribir en español en un sitio que esta en ingles. Pero bueno, espero poder tener una larga amistad via internet y me enseñen un poco sus tips de como pescar. Ya que tenga listo mi equipo de pesca voy a ver como me va haca por rosarito o ensenada. Talvez vaya a pointloma e Imperial Beach. Gracias.
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