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after years of procrastination i finally did the joe malat surf fishing school. joe and mac were great instructors with their knowledge and experience. the class session was informative, practical and had something for the novice and enthusiast. Lunch was really great catered sandwiches and cold salads. The next day's fishing session was challenging. The wind was so strong we went to hatteras point and joe and mac put our class on the south side of the point so the wind was at our back. Early morning the weather was tolerable, and we all caught a few fish. It was the full sampling minus some puppys, the spot, flounder, blues, croaker, and some unknown brown fish that bit through my line, were biting frequently enough to keep us trying. by afternoon we were in a down poor, joe and mac toughed it out and led by example by fishing with us. they broke up the day with a casting net lesson and a how to cut bait and clean fish. by late afternoon we were in a tropical storm. we packed up and called it a day. I couldn't fish the sunday session and am sorry I missed it. weather looked like it was a little better. IF you were in class with me let me know how sunday was. for everyone else looking at pier and surf trying to learn about surf fishing, joe and mac will be doing more schools joemalat.com
this is not an add for them just trying to encourage more people to try what we already know.
states represented at school new york, mass. va. nc, DC, nj
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