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I was wondering about attaching a float above my baits on a pompano type rig so the weight is on the bottom but the bait is suspended off the bottom say maybe 6 and 12 inches. The float would still be underwater due to the sinker size, but still suspending the bait, theoretically, off of the sand. Would this make it more visible to desired games fish and not so readily availed to the cursed pickers like the dreaded pinfish. I am going to engineer a few rigs and try this idea in a few weeks when I come down. Any thoughts? Or will it not catch whiting still? Thanks guys.:fishing:beer:
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I have been adding floats to my surf rigs for several years and these rigs are great. I definitely noticed right away increased hookups with Pompano and feel like I catch bigger fish generally. I still get plenty of Whiting and other bottom feeders. Landed a few Trout with this rig. I all so feel like the floats color is an added attractant. I highly recommend adding floats to your surf rigs.

Here is a picture of my rig from the top dropper knot to the swivel. I find these floats in the fresh water tackle section, the ones with the toothpick stuck in them.

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