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Surf Fishing Easter Weekend?

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Looks like Easter is a little early this year and we just got the week of so naturally, my mind turned to surf/pier fishing.

I know it can be hit and miss on the OBX or anywhere else along the coast for that matter this time of year but what Im trying to do is figure out
where my best odds might be.

Would love to do the OBX but water temps probably wont be good for fishing around the avon or frisco pier or the jetty behind the motels. Was thinking maybe ocracoke
being farther south..maybe a little warmer

Then I thought maybe not do the OBX at all :mad: and head even further south..topsail, wilmington, ocean isle.

I know water temp should be a little warmer the further south you go but, is it that big of a difference one should plan their entire week around.

Week would be primarily centered around fishing and sightseeing with an emphasis on fishing..lol (wife is going)

If you had that week of and just wanted to fish for whatever, where would you head?
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First post. Opted not to go this weekend to windy. January usually good fishin at Holden for decent whiting and blow toads. At least the pins are gone. Always looking for a warm weekend to go. Next weekend looking ok so far.
Holden big blow toads med whiting couple nice ones few blues weather turned sat afternoon them no bites
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