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Father and son trip today was windy and almost too windy. Best spots where not fish-able so we ran to some structure that provided a wind block. 2 foot seas with white caps is OK to run in but not to anchor up. First spot showed fish on the graph so we set up and waited..HMM no hits for the first 40 minutes. Must have been ghost fish. We moved to another spot and found the cats. Landed a good dozen and kept six for eating. Then the corner rod starts screaming line out and we hook up a big fish. 2 seconds later the hook pulls out. A little while later it happens again and we fight the fish way half to the boat and the hook pulls out again. Bait the same rod with fresh bait and 2 minutes later it starts screaming line out again. This time it did not get away and pig of a cat gets landed. We landed a few too big to keep cats and then they just shut off. Tide was on and off all day. Spot we anchored on had the drift sock all over the place...But we caught fish.

Capt Mike

And the wii-ind whispered...catfish. (see what I did there?)

All day out the north. Capt Mike's check of the regular grounds proved not fish-able so, we ran together into the waves "team like" for safety. We tooled around the bridge looking for marks and found some fish.

Great crew today, I only showed them once or twice how and they took it from there. I cut a lot of bait, but they served themselves. One nice fish and a cooler full of eaters. Filled a cooler is a term fishermen use a lot. Today, we filled a cooler...

Capt Dave
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