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i know its late but hey better late then never...Fished from about 2 until 10pm, Slack low, incoming, high tides...started off for flounder but the little blues were too thick, couldn't even get a decent strip to the bottom... started throwing little jigs, and started catching baby jacks 4-10" long...

got em on all sorts of little stuff, gotchas, small bucktails, mirrolures, etc. and that stayed fun for a little while until the tide got rolling again, then it was back to flat ones...caught about 20 but nothing over 18"...darkness fell and with it came hoardes of 2-3" silversides being crushed all over, and spot being pulled over the rail 2 at a time, started throwing gulp jigs and bottom rigs, and my buddy elliott got a little pup ~14" and also picked up a few more flounder jigging around the lights...hooked up to a nice little rock or speck while jigging, but he threw the hook before i could tell which he was...finally left at around 10
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