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Suicide Bridge Restaurant.

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Pat and I went to Suicide Bridge Restaurant today. Pat had blackened rockfish/striper, and I had fresh soft crabs. Food was great. we went for a walk along the water. I tried to talk to these ladies that are not from the USA. but they would not talk to me. LOL! Dish Food Cuisine Meal Ingredient
Dish Food Cuisine Ingredient Meat
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Andrew Schoener Wonder why thes ladies would not talk to me??
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I don't know who you are, but the only person that lived next door to me was Denis, and I gave him my hook and line license for free. I should not have gave him the free license. He was not a very good fisherman. LOL! and not a very good friend, I found out. You can move this thread anywhere you like, or take it down. PS. Looks like no one caught the joke about the ladies. Go fishing!!
Andy those ladies are sure skinny. Be pretty hard to get anywhere with them. At least they're Raven's chicks. BTW if your post was somewhere else it wouldn't be appreciated. I doubt if anyone other than this forum would even know about the Suicide Bridge Restaurant. You're in the right place.;):cool:
Thanks catman!
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