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Striper City at SPSP 7/19

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Went out to SP last night, hit the beach around 8:30. It was really crowded at my first spot only caught a spot. Moved to a less crowed location and it began. Pulled in at least a dozen throw back striper (8-13") along with 15 spot, 5-10 perch and a croaker. It was one after another for most of the night. They were mostly small but I just like catching them anyway. After each striper was caught I told them to tell their parents about me but no luck in that. They are frisky little things though.
Anyway, I saw something that was really disturbing there last night which was about 6 fish floating dead in the water. They looked like spot and I assumed they were fish that people killed by hooking them in the stomach and yanking the hook out or something. I just don't know why people don't ask their neighbor if they want to take the fish. I would have took it to even use as bait or something. The total disregard for fish just makes me very upset. Sorry to vent.
I did however clean up the beach area I was fishing around. Picking up bottles and cans and disposing of them properly in the trash, It made me feel better.
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I was there last night too...........

Lasy night was really slow! I was there also. Did you have your lady with you? A lady was tell me that the guy she was with was catching a bunch of throw-back stripers. I spent the evening before I left pointing out trash for my kids to pick up:cool:

I really had a trying night with some "errant" casting by two guys about fifty yards from me. They had no light and Were actually casting parallel to the beach. They snagged me five straight times. Each time they reeled in they pulled my line into the rocks. I finally moved ten more yards further away and was able to fish in peace.

I am having spot (12) and croaker/hardhead (1) for dinner. Fresh fish, cornbread, fried apples, and cole slaw, washed down with a big glass of Iced tea...............MMMMM MMMM good!!:D
No I was by myself last night.. An assume you were around by the point. I was closer to the tree on the beach. It was really crowded there last night. I too had problems with people throwing over my line, but not to worry those people did not catch much. :D
Those dead fish you saw floating were alewives. While FL FISHERMAN and myself were out on the bay yesterday we saw perhaps 50 of them. It's been that way for a few weeks now. Some of the regulars out there say it because of the low oxygen in the water, others say it's from the netters. Who knows?

I no for a fact that some of them were spot because they were washing up on the beach and I saw the spot. Not to go against you or anything but it was the people who did it in this case.
Reddog......What were the those little stipers biting? Bloodworms?
Reddog1...Damn, I hate to see people waste fish like that. If they weren't going to eat the spot they should have released them right away. The very lease they could have done was to keep them for bait on their next trip. Two years ago I was walking back from the long side of the Tank after an all nighter and found 6 catfish just thrown in the gutter anlong the pier. Nobody was around anywhere. They were all still alive so I put them in my cooler. Just doesn't make any sence what some people do and have the nerve to call themselves fisherman.:barf:

I agree there are a lot of **sholes that call themselves fisherman. But not to poke fun but at SP with a 6' freshwater rod, spot is all your going to catch.

Bloodworms were the bait of choice. They seem to love those things.
Re: I was there last night too...........

Big Rad said:
...They had no light and Were actually casting parallel to the beach. They snagged me five straight times. Each time they reeled in they pulled my line into the rocks. I finally moved ten more yards further away and was able to fish in peace.
Big Rad,

Who needs a light to night fish? I think the errant casters just needed more night fishing experience and some casting practice. ;) Anyone should be able to cast straight - even at night and without a light. The only light I carry is a pen light around my neck to help direct the beam only where it is needed.
I was in a boat with a friend on Thursday morning til noon at Love Point Bar Light -and up to Swan Bar and off Rock Hall and we saw some dead fish too.

The three I could positively ID were trout and they were all about 16" except for one that had been bitten/cut in half (I saw the head portion on that one). I couldn't tell what the cause of death was- biological, chemical, netkill, throwbacks or what. The half fish may have been lunch for a big blue.

You and I are experienced casters (Ihope).......But the novice who hasn't casted very much needs to see where the weight and bait are going.
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