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I have known for a while now that the company i work for may soon be going on strike as early as Aug.3rd. If we do strike I will do my picketing and then i will get my fish on. So if anyone wants to hangout during my brief hiatus from work let me know. I would rather be fishing than striking but what can you do.........Tight Lines

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Do you work for Verizon?

Hey Husky,

I think you might have the most posts on this site... 738... wow... Where is Sandcrab? Busy with the move?
Yep I Do

Im hoping we dont but you never know.

It is a record

Husky you keeping track of this record? Sandcrab hasn't posted in a week! That is definitely a new record. I am calling the guinness book records department as we speak.....:D ;)
Petition to kick Sandcrab off the site

If Sandcrab doesn't post to this in 3 days, I say he gets kicked off the site--leaving me as the most frequent poster! :D
Maybe sand crab is on strike in support of Master Caster. I hope things work out for you MC.
MC, I've been hearing you will

I've been hearing the union will strike for months now.
Neither side wins with a strike.

Hey MC

Does that mean the millions of Verizon customers phones are gonna get turned off when you guys go on strike?:p
Hi MC,

I also work for Verizon. I'm not looking forward to a strike, but the bright side is more time to fish.
Man, you guys striking are going to put a hurtin on me. Not only am I not going to be able to get a local loop for installs (money out of my pocket) , I'll still have to go to work so I can't go fishin!

- Dae
Hey Husky

It appears so. But like I said, I will do my part and then I will fish. Hey Naiad, maybe we can hook up and wet a few lines during the brief hiatus..........Tight Lines

Hey sandcrab where are you?

I wonder if hes busy fishing somewhere?Maybe he's fishing IRI 24-7.:p
Doesn't Sandcrab work for Verizon?Or hes busy?
sandcrab work????:D :D come on guys............ he be fishing
He doesn't work for Verizon he works for the U.S. Navy. He is retired now and he is starting his second career, for the Navy. But now he is a civilian. :)
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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