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Bought a pack from BassPS.

Any1 had any luck with them?Took the trebles off and put a bait hook in its place....really need to invest in a pair of pliers to take them hooks on and off.

Well they look good,chose the spec. trout color,they didn't have any darker colors.

Looks just like a storm,but with a hard body,it floats and the distinguished tail(that all blue fish love).

Fished it a couple of times,not as castable as a storm,but that is due to it being a plug.Swims pretty descent,but does not float to the top as fast as your standard swimming plug.I fished it like a mirro lure,looks like the fish will like it.

Only 1 suggestion,they need a diving version.I can only imagine it to be striper candy @ the Lesner,or place that has structure.
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