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Several months back I posted a question on the board about fishing in St. John, which was my honeymoon destination. My new wife and I arrived in St. John on 8-10 and stayed for 2 weeks. I brought one 7' rod with me for beach fishing. I ended up fishing from the beach 2 times while we were there. After asking several locals about fishing there, I soon realized that shore fishing is not very common there. Following their advice, I got some squid and used bottom rigs over rocky/reef areas. I did catch a variety of small, colorful reef fish, all well under a pound. But with the reef and rocks, I kept getting snagged and cut off. We snorkled every day and after seeing all the underwater reef scenery I decided not to fish any more with bottom rigs because of possible reef damage. I switched to lures- soft plastics on jig heads, stingsilvers, and plugs. I got several hits on plastics but no hook ups. I did see 3 fly fishermen while I was there, but none reported any luck. I think that you would need to spend a lot of time on the island to leard how to really fish productively from shore.

So after getting frustrated with shore fishing, I booked a 1/2 day inshore charter. We caught several barracuda in the 2-3' range and 1 yellowtail snapper. We casted yo-zuris into schools on baitfish with tarpon rolling all over. I had 1 solid hookup with a tarpon that jumped way up out of the water twice and threw the hook. My wife even got into the casting, which she had never done, and now says she wants to try striper fishing:)

If you ever get a chance to visit St. John, I would highly reccomend it- Most of the island is a national park area. Snorkeling is excellent. We saw all kinds of colorful reef fish, big and small, sea turtles, big spanish macks, barracuda, tarpon over 5' long swimming right under us, a shark, and many other sea creatures. There is also great hiking in tropical forests and desert like areas.
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