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I made it to the pier to find an extremely high tide, with the water over the planks on 9/16. I was using bloodworms for bait. Managed to catch 17 spot and 22 perch. I took them home for a fish fry on Sunday. My brother was with me and he caught a 15 inch croaker that must have been lost. The way his rod was bent we thought it was a catfish. The surprise catches besides the croaker was two baby black drum and a whiting. A huge school of fish came through just beyond casting range. The birds were diving and calling and the water seemed to be boiling. What a sight to see, in fact that action was the best of the day even though I was a spectator. It felt good to be back out fishing after my spine surgery. I hope to be able to walk the sand by the late fall.

Tight lines ;)
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