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Spsp 7/3

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Myself, Longranger and Ralph hit the park. We set up shop around 8:30 pm. All of the choice spots were taken. We found a section and decided to give it a chance. Just when were thinking about moving to the other end of the beach, we got our first strike. Even with extra strength bug spray, the bugs would pester the h*ll out of you. One hard headed person was being eaten alive. After losing a pound or more of flesh to the bugs he finally put on some real bug spray. Last night was definetly a night for distance. As the person that could throw the furthest ended the night with the most fish. A good night was had by all.
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Hi Aero993,

You and Ralph are two funny guys. I laughed all night long. It was a great night to be out. It was a good thing that we found the fish. I'd hate to have ended the night with 6" Perch and Spots like the people around us. Fat Croakers are more fun to catch. It's always nice to make lemonade when life serves you lemons. I had fun. I hope we can do it again soon.

PS: I wasn't the distance, it was the call; "here fishy, fishy, fishy." :D
since we are not naming names...

since we are not naming names; aero and james, i want the fish back that i gave you guys. next it wasn't until those darn mosquitos almost picked me up and threw me in the water was i offered any bug repellent. the guy who claims NOT to be a tackle ho had the latest equipment. he also claimed his croaker almost pulled in him into the water. the same croaker when landed allegedly could not fit in his cooler[too big]. other guy who had two rods in the water; both at the 500-600 mark[all night], lost almost as many fish as he caught. then he had to show off his latest purchase, the pier cart.
this is what i had to contend with for the better part of six hours of hard core fishing.
i would do it all over again, tomorrow.
thanks for the invite guys.

Let me start by saying, that you are one LB :)
You want the ONE croaker, the smallest in my cooler back. No problem, remember I don't have chicken nor child, LOL. I have another surprise when I see you again.
Now that's what it's all about, three guys ribbing eachother and having fun fishing.:D

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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