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Spsp 6/26

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Went there last night from 7:30 - 12:00. The bite was constant but not a blitz like a month ago. Caugght few spots and bunch of croakers (I think around 15 of them). The croakers were around 13"-18" and most of them were around 17". By the time I had to pack it in, they started to hit pretty good.
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I thought that was you Tunafish. Sorry I didn't meet you again this time. I had the same luck where I was at. A lot of spot, few tiny striper, perch and one 15" croaker that put up a good fight. It was just extremely humid out there last night and the bugs were no picnic either.
RedDog1, ditto. I thought I recognized your poles. I meant to stop by also, but once I get the hit, I got interrupted. You're right about the humidity, I had to wear my overall to keep the bugs from feasting on me and I was swetting like a pig. Anyway after you left, all of the Croakers were big. I'll probably see you there soon.
You guys are lucky to get to fish that often. Glad to see that there's fish still out there to be caught. It's also a good sign that spots are in the bay now and more (bigger) fish to follow. What bait were you using Tunafish?
It looked like it was getting really crowded down where you were. I wish I could have stayed later but had an early day today. I am trying thinking of going out again on Sat. night but we will see, got to check the weather. Hopefully there will be a breeze

Yup, I'm pretty darn lucky to be able hit out there for few hours on a whim.. Gottem on BloodWorms...
That's pretty nice to make it out there on a nice evening even though it was rather hot and humid yesterday. Unfortunately for me, I'm at least an hour from the closest bay fishing. We got a lake not 5 mins from me though which isn't bad. My bro caught a monster crappie, 11" last night but it's still not the same as pulling in those heavy croakers :D Hopefully the bit stays good until Sunday when I venture out to SPSP for a day trip. Can't wait to wet the new rod and reel.
I am an hour from SPSP as well but I don't mind the drive because nothing beats sitting on the bay in the evening.:)

I am going to hit SPSP tonight. It is good to hear the reports of many fish!! I will bring the big cooler this time. I just picked up a lantern from Target on sale for $16. Now I will be able to see what I am doing.
OldBay, don't forget the bug repellents. They're out in force for a good meal, yeah,, YOU!!.
i have questions..

what is the cost to get into the park? also, do any of you throw lures there? do i need big rods because i like medium action stuff instead of those telephone poles you see people reeling in spot with. i like to fight the fish. i use stuff that you would probably use for bass, and the biggest stuff i have would be for catfishing maybe in freshwater.

i'll probably go to kent narrows to throw lures tonight, catch some sleep in my jeep and baitfish all day tommorrow. i don't have anything planned this weekend. i'll have on a dark blue Lockheed Martin Manassas Hat, so say high if any of you see me.

I'll try to get out to Sandy Point, I look out there evertime I cross the bridge coming back and that jetty looks like a great place to throw lures. Any of you guys do that?
Cost is 1.00 off hrs (after 8:00 pm weekdays), 3.00 peak on weekdays. 4.00 per person on weekends.

At SPSP, I never use lures, only bottom fishing. I use a 12 ft, so I don't consider it a phone pole. If you want a good fight, I'd say Croaker is a good fighting fish. If you fish at SPSP however, you'll probably need to cast it pretty far out. So, I guess your freshwater rods won't do.

Yup, I look everytime I pass the bridge.
well, maybe one day i'll get out there. thanks tunafish. croaker are a good fighting fish, but i caught enough of those at the 'tank. i'm kinda tired of catching them. i'm ready for the trout and my favorite fish SPOT! croaker are fun to catch though.
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