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SPSP 5/4

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Got to the gate at 5:30 and was surprised to see at least 20 boaters online. They opened two toll plaza and I paid the big bucks to get in.

Fished to the left of the point until around noon. Saw 4 large croakers caught. No legal stripers. I caught nada.

Saw one small under sized striper caught and the fisherman took at least 10 minutes to rip the hook out of the fishes throat. Needless to say, the price of a 10 cent hook was worth more than the stripers life. :mad:

Met a couple of PS guys - OBX? and his friend who reads PS.

At one point, I counted 26 people on the beach with over 40 rods out. The jetty had at least 6 people on it also.

Oh yeah - The bloodworms I used from Mikes Bait were lively but so small I had to change hooks to use them. Goodbye Mikes - Never again!
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Hey good buddy sorry about the skunk. It seems the past couple days the better fishing has been between 6-9 pm. Especially on an incoming tide. I was there sat and had same thing happen to me with a little schoolie striper. I almost pulled the hook out of its gut but thought better of it. My neighbors son wondered why I didn't just yank it and I explained that it was not worth killing the fish over and just retied another hook on. Took 10 seconds to tie. That hook will eventually rust out and the fish will live to see another day! :D :D
Hey Sandcrab, that fisherman with the baby striper could have been me. If it was, let me explain. The baby striper swallowed the hook and I was actually trying to take it out WITHOUT killing it. It took me so long because the hook was wrapped around the gill rakers of the fish. :(

I was using a J hook and actually, soon after that, I switched to circle hooks on both of my rigs.

Believe me, I don't want to kill any fish I am no going to keep. A dead undersized fish benefits no one. But I really can't help the fish if it swallows the hook. :(

The strange thing is after I switched to the circle hooks I caught one more baby stripper and a small perch and both fish managed to get the hook in their mouth but the point of the hook came out their EYE. :eek:

The point I am trying to make is, when a person is taking a long time to unhook a fish, don't look down on him/her, that person just might be trying to the right thing. ;)
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Big Bear,

Understand and I apologize. :eek: I knew something was up because it was taking you so long to release the fish. Normally, a small fish like that is unhooked and released in seconds. I use really large circle hooks (sometimes 8/0) and usually do not catch smaller fish.

On a good note - I did not see the fish floating on top so I guess he survived.

Glad to see you using circle hooks. :)
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