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SPSP 5/3

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Axon and I went to spsp sat at 6 am. Like bayfishers report got there and it was cold and windy. Tried the point for an hour but too windy so moved down to the tree. Caught a few white perch till 3 pm when Axon left. I stayed with a neighbors son till close. Things heated up when tide changed around 7 pm. Caught 8 nice croakers and a few schoolies. About 8 pm two guys next to me had a hard bite and started to reel it in when the other pole they had just got hammered. I yelled for him to grab it and when he did I knew it wasn't a croaker. 5 minutes later he pulls in a nice 35 in 20 lb cow!! I was happy for him b/c he was slightly mentatlly challenged. He asked if it was legal size and I just laughed and said very much so. Was the largest rock I have ever seen caught. It was definitely worth the 15 hours of fishing to see that caught. Too bad it wasn't me. Maybe next time. Oh and get this. Went through 13 dz bloodworms through the whole day :eek: Never again. I am a poor man as it is.....
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Oh yeah just wanted to say it was good meeting you Mcrae. Bayfisher must of just missed you after we moved.
13 dozen bloodworms? :eek:
Yup that is right 13 dz. Mike brought his whole family out there. We had 14 poles lined up along the beach. I bought 8 at anglers when we got there. And then bought 5 more at the marina when mike left to get me through the next 6 hours. I mean I wasn't being skimpy on the hooks either! ;)
I was at SPSP from 5:30am to 1pm at the point. I met Mcrea (it was nice meetin you. Thanks for the croakers and circle hooks. :) )

Caught white perch and schoolie... was very windy and cold... I guess I left before it heated up... :(
Glad to hear somebody had success at SPSP. I was also at SPSP on Saturday. Got there about 5:45am and stayed until 7pm fishing near the point. I got skunked also. Not even a throwback. Most of the people fishing near us also got skunked. A couple caught small blues but had to throw them back. Maybe we'll have beter success next time. I seem to always have better success on chartes, so my next trip will be on a charter. :confused:
Newfisher you were at the pt too. I probably saw you there. Did you see Mcrae? Sounds like there were a bunch of p&s guys there. I have to be more friendly and talk to everybody. Usually I ask the first few people if they are on p&s and they look at me all funny. Then I tell them about it and they think I am trying to sell them something. :eek: ;)
I probably saw some of you, cus I was at the point too. I got there around 7:30 AM and left around 11:00 (again met and thanks to MCrae for bailing me out).
FL Fisherman, don't give up on SP just yet, there are still croakers, spots, blues,trout and the occasional striper to be caught, next time start off using half a bloodworm, if the bigger fish is there switch to a whole, that way you might only use about three dozen bloodworms. I am not trying to be a know it all, it's the way I use the expensive worms, when the spots show up all you need is a dozen bloodworms, spots are the bait of choice. great to meet you, maybe one day we can fish together? Nice meeting you Jangwuah.
Mcrae, I ain't giving up yet! Axon is leaving tomorrow so I won't be out there as much but definitely not giving up. I know what you mean about the blood worms. Normally I do that. But I got 8 dz from anglers and they were tiny so I was putting them on whole. So do you liveline the spot or do you cut em up. I am sure I will definitely see you out there again since you are a regular there.
Most definitely last two times I went there terrible selection. The problem is that they are hit and miss. My buddy Axon went in between the times I went and got monstorous ones. Your best bet is to go and ask to see them before so if they are small don't buy them.
Oh yeah forgot to tell ya. Axon hooked up with a large horseshoe crab on sat! I didn't think they came up that far in the bay??
Hey FL Fisherman, maybe this Saturday we can hook up in the afternoon, if the croakers are there, I should know by Friday if they are at Sandy Point. and you use the spots as cut bait, fillet is better.
I am thinking about going to SP Wednesday morning. When I went there last Friday I had fun catching croakers and watching others catch fish too. I still think that Mcrea's croaker was huge!
Maybe the blues, stripers or even a black drum is waiting for me! This time I'll remember my sand spikes and bring the heavier weights.
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