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SPSP 4-22

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Fished SPSP today from about 7 through 2PM.

I had better luck meeting a bunch of Pier & Surf guys-- McRae, Long Ranger, Capt. Cupcake, Yellow Ray, etc-- than I did hauling in fish, which were limited to a coupla throwback stripers and a short craoker.. a short croaker, who ever heard of such a thing? Ugh, that kind of day.

I did have one monster pulldown which followed the day's pattern-- hauled in 3/4 of the way in and, by my best guess, the bottom hook on the rig snagged up on somehting about 30 feet off the beach. By the time I had it cleared, I'd lost the fish and retrieved a rig with a bent bottom hook and a top hook stripped of bait.

The upside were some beautiful stripers caught-- saw a few keepers come in between 10.30 and noon, the croakers showed up just as I was leaving, and some gut down towards the breakwater was hauling in a monster rock that Ranger got on tape.

All in all a good day-- but an empty cooler. C'est la vie.

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Got to SPSP today about 4:45pm met up with Thurston from the exterme casting clinic, caught about a dozen croakers 16 to 20 ins. at the point, they were a little ways out.Also caught a couple short stipers.Left at closing 8:00pm.We went over to Matapeake afterwards it was cold windy and slow.
http://www.dnr.state.md.us/fisheries/fishingreport/chesapeake.html smaller of the few caught tightlines and godspeed to all happiness on or around the bay :)
the fish was bigger than your face. Lower the fish next time so we can see your pearlies shine!
Nice fish!
let me know at any time if you would like an email link (need your address) and will share with you evidence of larger than pearly lifes stripers. tightlines and action required (no mixing) news @ 11
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