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Favorite time of year to drum fish

  • Fall

    Votes: 14 77.8%
  • spring

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Spring Drum Vs Fall Drum (Which do y'all prefer?)

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This question has probably been posted multiple times on this forum, but in the midst of getting ready for fall fishing I thought i would bring it up. Out of complete curiosity, which time of the year do y'all prefer for drum fishing?

(surf or pier, not necessarily when you should be on the piers vs the surf, just y'alls personal preferences on when y'all would prefer to drum fish as i am aware the planks are hot in the fall)
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Every chance I get!!!! You got to show up to get bowed up!!!!😁 Being there at the right time is half the battle!!!
"being there at the right time is half the battle"
-I unfortunately do not live close to the outer banks (4hr, 30 min drive for me), though the closest drive to the beach for me is about an hour and thirty minutes to Wrightsville, a drive that i am rather used to. That said, on my OBX trips, i just have to make do with whatever time I have available. With limited weekends in each season to go, being off by one weekend on a drum blitz is the biggest punch in the gut ever lol. I unfortunately got to experience this feeling twice this past spring season. So that quote is quite the story of my life lol.
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